What Is “Rational Fitness” and Why Should You Try It?

May 17th, 2016

Source: SHAPE

About four years ago, I found myself speed-walking across my neighborhood at 6:30 a.m., bleary and barely awake, but nonetheless frazzled. I had to get to yoga before 6:55 a.m., or else the door would be closed, class would start without me, and my entire day would be ruined. It wasn't that yoga left me centered and mentally prepared to take on the day. Please, I didn't haul ass across town at dawn for centered. I did it for the Points. An hour of yoga gave me four Activity Points and the 35 minutes of speed-walking gave me three (regular walking was only two), meaning that if I made it to yoga, I could eat a piece of pizza at my friend's birthday later. Not pepperoni pizza, but I could do plain! Oh god, what if all the plain was eaten before I got there? How much more walking would I need to secure the Points necessary for a pepperoni contingency plan? Could I squeeze in another yoga class between work and the party? Maybe if I left early. And speed-walked home. OMG, then I'd have wine Points too!

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