About Us

Who is Rascals Fitness?

Marc Polignano, the founder of Rascals has a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education and Health from West Chester University, plus Teaching Certification K - 12. He has owned and operated health clubs for more than 20 years.

Marc grew up and still lives in rural Pennsylvania where he is lucky enough to live near to the wonderful Perkiomen trail. Whilst using the trail on an almost daily basis, Marc noticed many other people in the community who also choose to exercise outdoors by walking, running, or biking. Most of his fellow trail users don’t fall into the typical ‘gym member’ category however, they are choosing to participate in an activity - and this sums up the Rascals philosophy.

The fact is that most Americans choose not to exercise formally and only about 18% of Pennsylvanians actually do any exercise at all.

This lack of exercise makes a little more sense when we look at who we are and what is important to us: Americans love food! A shocking 64.5% of US adults (20 years and older) are overweight and 30.5% are obese. And according to the American Obesity Association the numbers are almost as bad for our children.

Besides burgers and fries, most of us also love our families, jobs, sports, cars, homes, video games, computers and TV. The difference between Rascals Fitness and other health clubs is that we say “great!” We love food, family, our jobs, sports, cars, our homes, video games, TV and computers too! (Actually, we’re not that crazy about computers to be honest...)

We understand that these things take up time. They can also leave very little income to spare. This is why since 2008 Rascals Fitness has been offering a well-equipped gym, fun classes and a friendly and non-intimidating atmosphere all for a great price. We understand there is more to life than fitness but when fitness is this affordable and this fun don’t you owe it to yourself to get more from life?