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Who is the first Rascal?

Marc Polignano is designated as the first ever Rascal, having founded Rascals Fitness after establishing and managing health clubs for over 20 years. He has a Bachelor of Physical Education and Health Degree from West Chester University, as well as K–12 Teaching Certification.

Marc resides in rural Pennsylvania, where he is lucky enough to live near the majestic Perkiomen trail. On his daily trail runs, he noticed several people in the community also preferred exercising outdoors, either by walking, running, or biking. Most of his fellow trail users didn’t fall into the typical “gym member” category. However, they were choosing to participate in an activity — and this sums up the Rascals Fitness philosophy.


Did you know that 64.5% of US adults aged 20 years and older are overweight and 30.5% are obese? What’s worse, the numbers are just as bad for our children, according to the American Obesity Association.

It’s high time we participate

The fact is that most Americans choose not to have any formal exercise routines and only about 18% of Pennsylvanians actually do any exercise at all. This lack of exercise makes a little more sense when we look at who we are and what is important to us: Americans love food!

But aside from our cravings, we also love being lazy on the couch, bingeing our favorite series, playing video games, and just staying home. The difference between Rascals Fitness and other health clubs is that we love doing all that stuff, too!

We understand that you need those days for yourself and your family, and maybe you don’t have much money to spare. That’s why we established Rascals Fitness. We make sure our well-equipped gym, fun classes, friendly and non-intimidating atmosphere, and affordable prices are worth your time and money.

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