Results Training Program

Personalized fitness plans for optimal workouts


Knowing your current health status is crucial to achieving your fitness goals. Rascals Fitness will make sure you get the most out of every workout by evaluating your present fitness level and creating a customized plan according to your availability, goals, and condition. We will also monitor your monthly progress using medically-certified tools and parameters.

Rascals Fitness’ Results Training Program is designed to focus on your goals, not ours! Our tailored fitness plans are based on these elements:

  • Five-point questionnaire - a 5-point assessment to review your current routine and determine your fitness goals
  • InBody composition testing - an InBody test to identify the right program based on your health status
  • Consultation with a trainer - an evaluation with a personal trainer to suggest the best fitness routine

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Available Plans

*based on your goals and test results

  • 4 sessions/month with a certified trainer
  • 8 sessions/month with a certified trainer
  • 12 sessions/month with a certified trainer