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Over the past year, Rascals has changed my life. I've been doing GXT four early mornings a week since last June, and in February I added 5:15 am cycle Mon&Wed plus Matt's double cycle/GXT on Saturday morning when my schedule allows. I'm down 75 pounds and have never felt stronger! Matt, Tina, Michelle, ...Read More


I couldn’t believe I could bring a friend for FREE! We, (Bob and I), thought it was a gimmick. Well we have been there for 3 years and have lost a combined 50 pounds and we love it!


My wife and I weren’t sure about joining a gym. Lets just say we are not gym people. We are now Rascals people!


Rascals Fitness is so darn clean…I would never eat off the floor, but I bet you could!


Best gym ever! Lost 60 pounds! Enough said!


I was never interested in being a gym rat, but...hey, things change, right? I started running thanks to you guys -- 5Ks, the Broad Street Run, the Rock & Roll Half Marathon, etc. Next year, I'm planning on a full marathon. I avoided running my ENTIRE life. It floors me that I'm doing ANY of this. ...Read More


When Marc opened up the Limerick club I was so excited. My sister went to the other one and always told me about it. I joined early on with some special. Have been there from the beginning. Staff is so friendly and some how they all know my name. It is nice to see in this day and age customer service ...Read More


With Rascals I can now afford to exercise. Heck I pay more than what they charge for a pizza and a few drinks. They are open long hours, very clean and have all the equipment I need.


Their new GXT program (group cross training) is amazing! It is less expensive for one month, than 2 spin classes I used to take down the street. I love Matt and Keith but all of the instructors kick my butt!