I was never interested in being a gym rat, but...hey, things change, right? I started running thanks to you guys -- 5Ks, the Broad Street Run, the Rock & Roll Half Marathon, etc. Next year, I'm planning on a full marathon. I avoided running my ENTIRE life. It floors me that I'm doing ANY of this. ActivTrax is amazing -- most of my gym-related fears were lack of confidence in my ability to put together a workout program. I love having one automatically generated for me each day. I love the Zumba classes -- Melissa is kick ass. We did two Insanity demos with Winie -- love her, too.

I've lost 30 lbs; my husband has lost 30 lbs in the year we've been members...and, more importantly, it gave me confidence back. I went through a little battle with Hodgkins Lymphoma a few years ago (totally healthy now!!) and I wasn't sure I was capable of pushing myself hard again...but, I am. Thank you for that.

I absolutely love the gym and the workouts!