How to consume more water, even if you hate it

February 16th, 2016

Our bodies are made up of roughly 60% water. Consumption of it is not only essential to being alive, but it can also have a dramatic effect on our moods and feelings. In fact, many types of pain are caused by dehydration. Headaches, back or joint aches, constipation and even bad breath can be caused by not drinking enough water. Of course, though, we realize it can be difficult to choose water when there are a plethora of other better tasting beverages available - like coke, coffee or juice. So if you’re one of them who struggles to get your daily intake of water, here are some ideas on how you can drink more of it.

Explore your water options

Some people flat out hate the taste of water. If you’re one of them, the source of your water could be the reason for this. Some cities add chemicals (such as chlorine and fluoride among others) to the water supply, and this can alter its taste. To combat this, try different types of bottled water to see if you can find a brand you prefer. You can also alter the taste of your tap water by adding a filter to the faucet. Essentially the cleaner your water is, the better the taste.

Add flavor

There are a number of simple ways you can spice up your glass of H2O. Fresh fruit and herbs can be added such as basil, peppermint, or berries. You can also squeeze in some lime or lemon to give your water a nice new flavor. However, if all this sounds like too much prep work to bother with, consider food-grade essential oils. You can drip in a few drops of lavender, tangerine or whatever else you can find in your local health food store.

In addition to the flavor you get from spicing up your water with fruit, herbs and essential oils, you’ll also be gaining some health benefits. They can give you a quick boost of vitamin C, antioxidants, and even reduce inflammation. So not only will your water taste better, but you’ll be doing your body good in the process.

Go herbal

While not exactly water, herbal teas are a close alternative that can help you stay hydrated and add flavor in the process. While some herbal teas are blended with non-herbal varieties, true herbal teas have no caffeine, and therefore won’t dehydrate you like their non-herbal counterparts. Best of all, herbal teas can be enjoyed both hot and cold depending on the season and your preference.

Bubble it up

An often forgotten way to add more pizzazz to water is to simply add bubbles. To do this, you can get a sparkling water machine, which will infuse carbonation into your water, or buy soda water at the grocery store. And if you want to double down on this water flavor fest and create some real fireworks, try mixing in any of the fruits or herbs (mentioned above) to create a delicious water cocktail like no other.

Eat water-rich foods

Even easier to forget than bubbly water, fruits and veggies are also jam packed with H2O. Zucchini, cucumber, carrots, broccoli, tomato, celery, berries and melon all contain a high water content. But really, almost all fruits and vegetables are loaded with water; so if you’re trying to up your intake, just eat more of them.

We hope these five ideas to drink more water will help improve your health. If you’re looking for more ways to stay healthy and better your diet, get in touch with us today.

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