What is your dress code?

All you need is your smile and friendly face, as well as proper exercise attire. NO jeans, baggy pants, flannel shirts, belts, work boots, dress shoes, or cut-off shirts. Sneakers and exercise clothing must be worn at all times.

What is ActivTrax?

ActivTrax is a “virtual personal training system” given to ALL Rascal members for FREE. It can track your diet, as well as provide a custom workout plan every day!

Why was I charged a late fee?

We only charge a $20 late fee if the billing company returns your account. We’ll send you an email and call you if we encounter an issue. If you never respond and we don’t receive payment, you are subject to an additional late fee.

What is a House Account?

Rascal members can get a drink, T-shirt, or other items by just adding it to their tab. You just need to inform the front desk so they can bill those purchases on the 15th of the month, along with your membership dues.

What are the Rascals rules?

Always be courteous and respectful to other members (We have a strict no-intimidation policy to enforce it)
No dropping or throwing weights (If you’re that strong, you can place them down gently)
Clean the equipment when you are through (Think about other who will use it next)
Place your weights back on the rack when finished
No screaming, grunting, or yelling
No children in the facility
Smile and have a good time!

What is the minimum age requirement?

You have to be 16 years old and older to acquire a membership without adult supervision. Anyone under that age must join a Personal Training session to learn safe exercise practices and must have an adult present at all times. Moreover, anyone under 18 years old requires a Membership Agreement signed by their parent or guardian.