• You can cancel your membership at any time. In order to cancel your membership, the club requires notification in writing. The preferred method of submission is by mail (certified is always the best because you have proof of receipt). We can NOT cancel a membership via email notification due to “identity validation”. In other words someone else could be sitting at your computer. Once the club receives your written cancellation, you will be billed one (1) additional billing cycle after receipt of cancellation, thereby allowing you to use the club for that additional period of time.
  • Mail all cancellation notices to (North Coventry members), Rascals Fitness 58 Glocker Way Pottstown Pa. 19465 ,(Limerick members),Rascals Fitness 463 West Ridge Pike Limerick Pa. 19468, (Collegeville members) 222 East Main Street Collegeville Pa. 19426
  • If mailing is an issue, you may drop off the completed cancellation form by clicking on link below and printing the form. Once the form is completed, you must place the form in a sealed envelope with the words “BILLING DEPARTMENT” written on the envelope. Once this is done you may drop the envelope at any one of our Rascals Fitness locations. (link)
  • All cancellations will be charged a twenty-five ($25) dollar processing fee that is due upon membership termination and surrendering your membership card.
At Rascals we choose NOT to charge you alot of money at the begining of the membership like other facilities often do. Why? Because there really is NO cost at the beginning for you to join our club. You can even join on line yourself! The $25 processing fee is a cost associated with a member: Being taken out of the billing system, surrendering their membership card, filing the cancellation request forms, fielding email and phone questions pertaining to billing, sending an email cancellation confirmation. This fee allows Rascals Fitness to place the actual cost of membership when and where it is hence keeping your monthly payment as low as possible.
No. Refer to question #1. To protect you we need the cancellation in writing. To protect you we "prefer" certified mail to make sure we actually recieve the letter. Email can have "identity validation issues". In other words someone else may be on your computer.
No. Due to our pricing being so low even if you miss 3 or 4 months at Rascals it is less expensive than to cancel and then return! Our contracts are ONLY a 45 day commitment so "freezing" didn't make sense.
A $39 fee charged once a year to help control costs of maintaining the health club. Rascals has one of the lowest fees in the industry! This also allows us to keep our monthly fee low.
No. You must sign them in at the front desk when they arrive, and when you leave the club they must also leave. They are not a member and therefore have NO privileges, but are allowed to exercise with you as your guest!
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You can also call 800-256-1953 (M-F 8am-6pm) or email: fullservice@motionsoft.net.
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You can also call 800-256-1953 (M-F 8am-6pm) or email: fullservice@motionsoft.net.
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16 years old for a membership. Anyone under 16 years of age must participate in a "personal training session" to make sure they understand safe exercise practices and be accompanied by an adult. Anyone under 18 years of age cannot sign a contract and a parent or guardian must "sign the membership agreement". Under 14 years old we would like to speak to the child and the parent. We have made a few exceptions depending on the individual case. Please ask the front desk to schedule this meeting. If you are 16 years old or above, you may exercise without adult supervision.
Always be courteous to other members, (remember…we all want to get into shape and we at RASCALS reserve the right to determine who is a RASCAL) -No dropping or throwing weights, (if you’re that strong you can place them down gently!) -Clean the equipment when you are through, (no one likes a messy machine!) -Place your weights back on the rack when finished (we are not your mother) -No screaming grunting or yelling (do I need to explain?) -No children in the facility. -Smile and have a good time!
All Rascal members can “charge” a purchase to their account at the front desk, and then be billed on the 15th of the month with their membership dues! This is a fantastic benefit and many of our members will charge a "drink" or "T-shirt" to their account and not have to pay until their membership dues are charged.
Rascals will only charge you a $20 late fee when your account is returned by our billing company. Rascals will try to email and call you if there is a problem with your account. If you never respond, and we do not receive payment you are subject to an additional Late Fee.
YES, with our “premium membership” plan
We have many packages starting from as little as 1 session to as many as 12 session packages. The best way to get started in a new exercise program is to purchase a session with a trainer. Click here for details.
ActivTrax is a “virtual personal training system” given to ALL Rascal members for FREE. It can track your diet as well as provide you with a custom workout plan everyday! Click on the ActivTrax link.
YES, with our “premium membership” plan.
Our smiles and friendly faces, and of course you!
Bring your smile and friendly face! Also, proper exercise attire: NO Jeans, Baggy pants, Flannel shirts, belts, work boots, dress shoes, cut off shirts, or muscle shirts. Sneakers and exercise clothing must be worn at all times.
How do I apply for a job at Rascals? (link)
YES, through ActivTrax. Click on the ActivTrax Link
No, but we do offer “Group Cross Training” (GXT) classes for a small additional fee. Click here for details
A “RASCAL”understands that in order to enjoy life they need to do whatever it takes to “participate”!
Stands for Group Cross training. These classes are fantastic for getting involved in personal training and achieving your goals quickly.

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