Rascals Covid-19 Response Program (RCRP)*

What We Are Doing -

  1. Installed HOSPITAL GRADE air scrubbers to ALL HVAC units to provide the cleanest air possible! Recommended by professionals.
  2. Front door propped open as often as possible to eliminate the need to grab a door.
  3. Cleaning station provided BEFORE you enter the building.
  4. 40% more cleaning product on the floor.
  5. Forehead thermometer temp reading available at the front desk.
  6. Washable masks are available for purchase at the front desk upon request (1 per member).
  7. (6)-foot physical distancing protocol required.
  8. PDL (Physical Distance Lanyard) available at front desk. Members who feel they are "at high risk" will be issued a lanyard to wear if they want. This lanyard will tell other members the added importance to enforce the (6)-foot physical distancing rule for this member.
  9. Additional cleaning of equipment and contact surfaces during every shift.
  10. Posting of educational information throughout the gym.

What We Want From You -

  1. Clean hands before entering Rascals Fitness.
  2. Make sure to wipe down all equipment after being used.
  3. Be respectful and never breach the 6 ft protocol, especially when seeing a lanyard being worn by a member. Physical distancing of 6 ft requested.
  4. Request a “physical distancing” lanyard at the front desk if you consider yourself to be at high risk for COVID-19. After you are done exercising, hand the lanyard to the front desk for sterilization.
  5. Washable masks are available for purchase at the front desk upon request (1 per member).
  6. If you are sick do not come to the gym. You will not be permitted into the facility.
  7. A forehead thermometer will be utilized at the front desk for temp checking as needed.
  8. BE KIND to our staff and to fellow members. We fully understand some are more concerned than others. We have created an environment that we feel is safer than any other commercial environment. Please remember our job is to "minimize" the risk of getting sick. Here is what we DO KNOW talking to doctors and experts for 3 months since closing. Taking care of your body is the BEST way to minimize your risk to ANY illness other than living in a closet and who wants to do that 🙂 We celebrate you rejoining the community and re-engaging in life. Welcome back to Rascals Fitness!

*Rascals reserves the right to expel any member whom we feel is not adhering to these policies.