Health & Fitness

A Rascal understands that in order to enjoy life they need
to do whatever it takes to participate.

Since 2008 Rascals Fitness has been helping the people of Limerick, PA improve their levels of fitness, tone up, become stronger, meet new people and have fun!

We know you have busy lives and there are often things you’d rather be doing than working out but we believe that in order to get the most from life you need to take part - and that means being active.

We say it’s OK to have that slice of pizza, to enjoy that cookie, to relax on the couch and watch your favorite show TV, after all WE love those things too. But what you do need is a sense of balance and at Rascals Fitness that’s what we’re all about.

As well as our well-equipped gym, at Rascals Fitness
we also offer the following programs and classes:

GXT - group training
Dance classes
Personal training

Who are the Rascals?

Rascals are people of all ages and abilities who want to get fit in a friendly, non-intimidating environment. You won’t find muscle-bound body-builders who take themselves too seriously in our gym - instead you’ll find people who want to enjoy their lives and improve their fitness levels whilst having fun. Rascals are people just like you and me.

Is it time you got into shape? Could you be participating more?

Join us now!